Saturday, 12 November 2011

Quick update for loved Parents

I just want to make a quick post as regarding a card I made for my parents anniversary recently.

It was a card I was inspired to make after watching Kirsties Handmade Britain series on Channel 4.

Basically, its a card made up of different hand made papers, which I then cut into simple but effective shapes of a bird with wing and eye, on a branch, and a banner.  These were all sewn onto my backing paper (after being glued, as to not move around whilst sewing).  I think the finished effect looks really pretty and it is definitely a method I shall be using again!

The countdown is on!

In recent weeks I have been working towards my favorite time of year, and planning gifts and cards and such.  I love Christmas, especially making different present for my most favorite and loved people in the world and that's my friends and family.

I have made a list of possible gifts:

  • Teacup Candles
  • Embroidered Handkerchief 
  • Cushions of various designs
  • Butterfly Clips (previous blog)
  • Decorated Picture Frames
  • Truffles
  • Homemade Body Scrub
  • Wheat Packs
  • Decorated candle holders
I haven't yet made a decision on who will be getting what, (I know only 42 days till Christmas), but this is the aim over the next 6 weeks, to get this sorted and ready.

I know I need between 10 and 14 presents, depending on what I am giving to who (no good giving a couple a present that only one of them can use, in my opinion), but I think how I am going to plan it is just making what I want to make, then decide at a later stage who gets what!
I already have requests for truffles off of a couple of people after making them for my brothers birthday in September, and them going down a storm with other guests at his party.

As well as gifts I also have to start thinking about Christmas Greeting Cards. The last few nights I have been working on some Forever Friends decoupage images I recently bought from Hobbycraft in order to make some, if not all the 16 cards (at least) I'll be needing to give out this year to friends and family.

So now you know where I am with planning for my Christmas.  As usual any questions or comments please don't be shy and leave a comment, or even get in touch.

Until next time

Sam <3 <3 <3