Friday, 3 February 2012

Update on Current Projects

Hiya all!!!

Just wanted to update my followers on my current projects I have going on, not only to keep you guys in the loop, but too keep my motivation high :-)

I currently have underway a tiger cub cross stitch, which I plan to use to make a handmade sketch book for a friend.  I also have begun experimentation with different patterns to make an owl doorstop.  Also plan to look at other animal designs for this too, but for those who haven't already been able to guess, my dad is owl mad, so the initial idea was for him.

Additionally, though I haven't yet begun them, I have bought the necessary wool to make an infinity scarf/snood, and a mobile with teddy bears.

This is the first attempt at the owl design for my door stop, its only a miniture version, but the pattern will be the same.
Will keep you all updated on how it all goes, and if you haven't yet subscribed to my blog please do.

More craftyness to come!!!!!

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