Thursday, 20 October 2011

Current ongoing projects

Hello Readers,

Today I thought I'd update you all with some of the projects I currently have on going.  I find myself being quite scatty with my projects, starting and working on one, until I need to order something or go and buy something, by which in the mean time end up starting another project.

Anyway, the two main projects I have going on at the moment are my Butterfly clips and paper mache letters.


These clips were originally inspired by some butterflies my mum bought from a shop.  I thought them to be quite expensive for what they were and had a bet with my mum I could make them for the fraction of the cost - and so I did.  I have made a handful butterflies since I begun experimenting with these. They have evolved with each one as you would expect.

Originally I was just making the butterflies from jewelry wire and a black mesh sewn onto the frame, and embellished with black glitter.  With these, though, I found making the body difficult and hard to make it secure with the wings in place.

I have also experimented with tissue paper as the wings (right) and beads joined to form the body. 

 My latest experiments have been sewing some detailed lines onto the wings.  I have some clear jewels also, that I plan to experiment with as part of the pattern on the wings.

I have also recently purchased some crocodile hair clips from ebay, in order to mount the wings and body to, to make them more similar to the ones my mum bought, and so that they can be clips to various objects as decoration. 

Like I said this is an on going project, so will keep you updated with my experiments, and hopefully I will be able to achieve a few final butterflies that I am able to give as Christmas gifts this year!!!


After recently visiting a craft cafe I saw some decopatch being demonstrated, with paper mache letters and animals.  Again, I found the price of the paper mache letters expensive, and thought, with a bit of time I can easily make them myself, so I have done.

I made the letter templates out of card board and selotaped about a 2cm edge round the letters to make them block shaped.

 I then paper mached the letters to make them secure.  I then planned on decorating them with some decopatch paper.  However, my mum has recently also seen these and has decided that she wants them spray painted silver for her bedroom, so looks like I'll be making another set of letters to accommodate her request too.

So thats what I have going on at the moment, along with my planning for Christmas, and my Christmas card list.

Hope to see you again soon


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